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Step Six: Making an Offer

Making an Offer When you have found a home you would like to make an offer on, it is important to consider several elements of the offer. Offers must be in writing and signed and dated by all buyers. It is important to realize that unless you are specifically working with a buyer’s agent, the… Read More ›

Step Five: Questions to consider when looking at a home

Questions to consider when looking at a home How old are the building systems – heating/cooling, plumbing, and electrical? How old is the roof? Have there been any recent sales on the block or adjacent blocks? Check for any property easements. Check for any Mechanic’s Liens from work performed by a contractor on the house…. Read More ›

Step Four: Questions to consider when looking at a condominium or townhouse

Questions to consider when looking at a condominium or townhouse What is the owner–occupancy rate? Are there any special assessments pending or recent? (Special Assessments concern building improvements that are paid for collectively, such as system upgrades, building re-pointing, new roof, common area renovations, etc.). How old are the building’s systems – heating/cooling, plumbing, and… Read More ›

Step Three: Searching for a home

Searching for a home Before starting your search you must determine what type of property you are seeking (condo, single-family, multi-family, etc.); the proper price range, location, square footage, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, outdoor space, parking availability, and others “must haves”. All of theses will need to be decided on before your search… Read More ›

Step Two: Who Should I get my mortgage from

Who should I get my mortgage from, a Bank/Credit Union or a Mortgage Broker? Advantages of working with a Bank/Credit union include: The ability to build on an existing credit relationship The possibility of adding a mortgage to your existing banking profile The ability to make electronic payments from existing accounts Trustworthy and accountable lenders… Read More ›