The Home Buyer’s Guide: An Introduction

We can help you to negotiate your way through the complexities of the home-purchase process with as little stress and financial anxiety as possible, all by simply reviewing our the useful info you will find in our new online Home Buyer’s Guide.

Use it to eliminate and avoid many of the potential “bumps in the road” which home buyers often face, and be settled in your new home that much sooner.

Get started on your journey to home ownership today!

Cedric Adams
CDA Realty Group
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Working with an Architect

A great article for understanding how to work with architects. Quick excerpt from site, “The architectural design process consists of five phases. As you begin working with an AIA architect, or consider hiring one, it’s helpful to know where you are in the process and where it will take you. An AIA architect will orient you during each phase, and work with you to get the most value from each stage of the process. It’s a time-tested method for establishing a close working relationship between you and your architect, and producing the very best buildings.

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The Ever-changing Real Estate Marketplace

As this article notes “future home value appreciations may be driven by market demand, rather than inventory shortages.” Citing a recent study, other emerging issues of interest to local buyers and sellers are also included here:

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How Much Paperwork to Buy a House

Wondering what documents you will need to create, complete, or file in order to purchase or sell your house? This article notes all the paperwork particulars in one easy to use use summary:

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